Cheroa is one of the planets found in Universal Rule. Not much is known about Cheroa at the moment.

 Universal Rule Planet Abilities Edit

Basic (Explore Glommer)

Cost 2
Military 2
Income 2
Text When an opponent explores, gain 1 credit.
Notes This includes when an opponent follows another player’s explore action.
Upgraded (Exploring Victor)
VP 2
Cost 10
Military 6
Income 4
Text If the deck is empty, +2 VP.
Notes The deck and discard pile must both be empty. We’ll specify in the rules that when the deck is empty, the discard pile is immediately shuffled to create a new one.

Development Notes

Glommers cause players to take credits out of turn. This can lead to some confusion about whose turn it is, and who is next to follow. I try to emphasis in the rules that following in turn order is very important, and failing to do so can cause confusion.

For example, if you have the Explore Glommer, and the player before you chooses to explore, the credit you get from that player may give you just enough credits to be able to afford to follow. Don’t bring this to that player’s attention, though, or they might choose not to explore, just to spite you.

At Granite Games Summit in October 2016, I watched four new players learn Universal Rule. One of them colonized the Explore Glommer early, and, for the rest of the game, his opponents were hesitant to explore, as it would give a small benefit to this player. While they thought they were denying him credits, the damage they were doing to their own chances of winning was far greater. There are only 17 planet cards in the entire game, and they are well worth the cost of exploration, even if one of your opponents benefits a little bit more.

7/26 Exploring victor - in a 3p game, the deck is never empty. 7/25

Insta-win Replacements

Exploring Victor: If there are no cards left in the deck, +5 VP

7/13 Also, Eater of Worlds would make a good bonus card, but probably shouldn’t be in the base game. I’ll have to find a replacement. How about:

Basic: +2 to your credit cap (max 25)

Upgraded: At the start of your turn, you win if the deck is empty.

7/11 Settling Victor is too hard to pull off. You need to already have 3 planets in play before you can play/upgrade it, and then to have to play two more before the game ends? Make it cheaper, and possibly change its victory condition. We could use a “if there are no cards left in the deck, you win” card.

10/11 Exploring Victor gives +2VP instead of +4