1/9/17 Whenever a deck is required and is empty, shuffle the discards to create a new deck.


Before this, when a planet was destroyed it was removed from the game.

Also, a victory condition, players would take destroyed planet as “bounty”. Destroy 3 planets, and you win.

Four planets to win -  The players were really enthusiastic about this change. It makes the game longer (4p = 0:44) and more interesting. At one point, after an Eater of Worlds “went off”, we realized that there weren’t enough planets left in the deck for anyone to achieve the development victory condition. As a result, we may need to recycle destroyed planets back into the deck.

If we do this for planets that aren’t taken for bounty, maybe we should do this for all destroyed planets. That is, have some other way to track how many planets you’ve destroyed. If so, this opens the possibility of awarding bounty to all players who contribute to a successful attack, not just the one who contributed the most. Something to consider for the future, possibly.