Delling is a relatively large planet in the outer crust of the galaxy. It hosts two species of alien life: the Gleohs and the Dey-Ids.

Delling appears in the game, Universal Rule.

Gleohs Edit

Gleohs, are large living stone structures that look just like the landscape found around Delling. The Gleohs live on the surface, and are prone to become aggressive very quickly.

Dey-Ids Edit

Dey-Ids live underground in the caves of Delling, due to Gleohs, which forced them from the surface many, many years ago. Dey-Ids adapt to their surroundings well and have survived underground for many many generations, due to their natural survival instincts.

Known Dey-Ids: Inzill Mey

 Universal Rule Planet Abilities Edit

Basic (Produce Glommer)

Cost 2
Military 2
Income 2
Text When an opponent produces, gain 1 credit.
Notes This includes when an opponent follows another player’s produce action.
Upgraded (Free Producer)
VP ?
Cost 10
Military 4
Income 8
Text When a player produces, you can follow for free.

Development Notes

One of a cycle of Glommer planets.

There’s a certain glee to watching your opponents squirm when they want to select an action, but realize that you will benefit from it. In San Juan, the Gold Mine isn’t really a great card, objectively. However, I really enjoy playing it just to make my opponents hesitate before selecting the Prospector.

8/3/2016 Ooh, looks like I need an additional upgraded planet too. Back to the unused pile…

Golden planet or Free Producer? Let’s go with Free Producer.

9/29/2016 Free Producer produces more than Large Moneymaker. I think we want the Large Moneymaker to have the highest production in the game.