Erebiyon is one of the planets found in Universal Rule. Not much is known about Erebiyon at the moment.

Universal Rule Planet Abilities Edit

Basic (Little Moneymaker)

Cost 3
Military 4
Income 4

Upgraded (Large Moneymaker)

Cost 6
Military 5
Income 7

Development Notes

1/8/2016: Increased cost to 3, and income to 4. It should have the highest income of the base planets.

7/9/2016: No 5-cost planets (upgraded or basic). Specifically, Cartographer, Harbinger, and Large Moneymaker now cost 6 instead of 5. We’re not banning 5 as a cost entirely, we’ll use it if we have to, but our preference will be to avoid it.

9/29/2016: Free Producer produces more than Large Moneymaker. I think we want the Large Moneymaker to have the highest production in the game.