Glommers (category) Edit

These cards got their name from Entdecker. If you’re not familiar with the game, players explore the ocean, discovering islands and laying claim to them. Islands don’t score until they are complete, and then the player with the biggest settlement gets the most points. One of my favorite tactics in this game is to let my opponents explore most of each island, and then swoop in at the end and build a large settlement. My wife calls this behavior “glomming on”.

Glommer planets trigger both when an opponent selects an action for their turn *and* when another opponent follows..At one point, glommers only triggered when an opponent selected the associated action for their turn, but the version that included followers seemed really powerful. With so few planets to work with, I’ve leaned towards the more powerful version. If I were making dozens of cards, of course, I’d have a weaker version (only when the action is selected) as well as a strong version (include followers). The wallet size of the game pushes me to be more aggressive with the planet’s abilities.

There is no upgrade glommer. Yet.

There is no straight Attack Glommer, but there are cards that play in that design space, See Attacker, Attack Taxer, and Provoker. There was an attack Glommer, but I got rid of it on 1/8/2016 “Attack Glommer - players don't tend to attack early on. “