Kraan is one of the planets found in Universal Rule. Not much is known about Kraan at the moment.

 Universal Rule Planet Abilities Edit

Basic (Investor)

Cost 4
Military 3
Income 4
Text Your credit limit is +3.

Max: 25 credits


Upgraded (Banking Victor)

VP 2
Cost 13
Military 5
Income 5
Text Every 4 credits (not 5) is worth 1 VP.
Notes If you have 7 credits at the end of the game, that’s 1 VP.

Development Notes

7/25/2016 Insta-win Replacements

Banking Victor: Each 3 coins is worth 1 VP (instead of each 5)

7/13/2016 Eater of Worlds would make a good bonus card, but probably shouldn’t be in the base game. I’ll have to find a replacement. How about:

Basic: +2 to your credit cap (max 25)

8/2/2016 Investor should specify that the 25 max credit limit still applies. It can’t be combined with Bank to give you 28 credits, for example.

10/11/2016 Banking Victor converts credits to VP at 4 -> 1 (instead of 3->1), and has an additional star on it.

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