Lyzin is one of the planets found in Universal Rule. Not much is known about Lyzin at the moment.

 Universal Rule Planet Abilities Edit

Basic (Minor Thug)

Cost 2
Military 4
Income 2
Text When you play this, an opponent pays you 1 for each planet they own.
Notes You select one opponent. If they do not have enough credits, they pay you all the credits you have.

If these credits puts you over your credit limit, you discard the excess credits, but your opponent still loses those credits.

Upgraded (Major Thug)
VP ?
Cost 6
Military 8
Income 2
Text When colonized/upgraded to, opponents pay you 1 for each planet in their galaxy.

Development Notes

I did not design Minor/Major Thug. Brian, one of my playtesters, did. This card’s playtest number (BM01) includes his initials. I was somewhat optimistic that he might suggest a few more ideas (up to 98 more ideas), but this is the only one that’s made it this far.

7/15 - Minor Thug should steal from one player (basic) and all players (upgraded). The inconsistency is confusing.

Initially, with the Minor version of this card, one player had to discard credits, but the Thug’s owner only got the discarded credits with the Major version. Playtesters were confused about which side did what, so I made it consistent, so it was easier to remember.

Brian’s also suggested a few other cards that may see the light of day sometime.

8/3/2016 Major Thug needs to be more expensive. You’ll get quite a bit of money from your opponents when you play it. Even if you “break even”, you’re still stealing that money from opponents. Let’s say it cost 10 to upgrade, and you got 7 from your opponents? That’s still a great deal (when seen as a zero-sum game).

Artist’s Note:

I started painting many of the planets as three dimensional balls with dark on the edges of the planet and light in the middle to create the illusion of roundness. But, on this planet, I painted everything in the same values from the outside to the middle. Afterwards, I did a glazing around the edge of the planet to make the edges of the planet recede. This also helped with blurring the edges of the planet, which also makes them look farther away.