Nevenell is one of the planets found in Universal Rule. It has a large Moon and planetary tail.

Noolin Edit

One of the species that lives on the Nevenell are the Noolin. Normally a quadrupedal critter species, except the first born is groomed to walk on two legs and interact with other aliens on behalf of their family. 

Known Noolins: Smiff

 Universal Rule Planet Abilities Edit

Basic (Starting Planet)

Cost 0
Military 4
Income 3
Text When you colonize another planet, destroy this.
Notes If you upgrade Nevernell before colonizing another planet, it won’t be destroyed.

Upgraded (Cockroach)

VP 2
Cost 6
Military 5
Income 1
Text If another of your planets would be destroyed, return it to your hand.
Notes If you are at your hand limit (3), discard the destroyed planet instead.

Development Notes

1/14/2016 Starting Planet is a bit of a trap. The idea is “I’ll play this first, and then upgrade it before I play a second planet.” If you don’t upgrade it, Starting Planet explodes when you play another planet. However, with only one planet in play, your credit cap is 5. It costs 6 credits to upgrade Starting Planet. The only way to increase your cap is to play another planet which, in turn, blows up your Starting Planet. Solution: Pair starting planet with a cheaper Upgrade planet.

2/25/2016 Initially, this planet protected itself, as well as your other planets.

Cockroach should only affect other planets. Other players can (and should) see your ability to return destroyed planets to your hand as a threat. As written, there’s nothing they can do about it, though. By making Cockroach only affect *other* planets, opponents can destroy the Cockroach first to make your other planets vulnerable.

7/26/2016 Starting planet should cost 0.

Artist Notes

I painted all the planets on white paper, keeping in mind that they would ultimately be seen on a black sky. Planets like this one, with small, light colored details were especially fun to see on their black background.