Planet found in Universal Rule. Not much is known at this time about Pulse-Sphere, though Brenimov-X is from the planet.

 Universal Rule Planet Abilities Edit

Basic (Farsight)

Cost 4
Military 4
Income 3
Text When you explore, look at 2 cards, keep 1. (Discard the other.)
Notes If there is only one card left in the deck (and the discard pile is empty), simply draw that card.

Upgraded (Cartographer nee Geth's Tome)

VP 2
Cost 6
Military 6
Income 2
Text When you produce, you may take 3 fewer credits to draw a card.
Notes This does not trigger explore effects (like Farsight, or Explore Glommer).

If you are going to produce less than 3 credits, you cannot use this ability.

This only happens once per produce action. You cannot choose to take 6 credits fewer to draw two cards.

(Interaction with credit limit) If you credit limit is 10, and you already have 8 credits, and you would gain 6 credits, you can choose to gain 3 credits and draw a card.

Development Notes

There is also a magic card called “Farsight”, but it has an unrelated effect.

1/8/2016  Bring these upgraded cards down to base level:

Farsight, Middleman, Colony Monopolizer

7/9/2016 No 5-cost planets (upgraded or basic). Specifically, Geth’s Tome, Harbinger, and Large Moneymaker now cost 6 instead of 5. We’re not banning 5 as a cost entirely, we’ll use it if we have to, but our preference will be to avoid it.

9/30/2016 Geth’s Tome is strong (maybe too strong). Giving up 3 credits for a card that will probably be worth at least one VP (as fleet). If it were 5 credits, then at least you’d be giving up a point for a card.

10/3/2016 Farsight - Clarification for an FAQ or maybe at the end of the rules. The unchosen card goes to the bottom of the deck.

Modify Geth’s Tome to require 4 credits for an extra card instead of 3.

11/15/2016 Renamed Geth's Tome (a Magic card) to Cartographer