Quysin is one of the planets found in Universal Rule. Not much is known about Quysin at the moment.

 Universal Rule Planet Abilities Edit

Basic (Colonize Glommer)

Cost 2
Military 2
Income 2
Text When an opponent colonizes, gain 1 credit.
Notes This includes when an opponent follows another player’s colonize action.

Upgraded (Settling Victor)

VP 3
Cost 12
Military 5
Income 4
Text Each other planet that you own is worth an additional VP.

Development Notes

There are two reasons that Glommer planets do not trigger for the active player. First, we avoid some ambiguous situations. For example, if you colonize a Colonize Glommer, you don’t have to ask if you get the bonus credit, because it only applies to opponents. Additionally, I took a lesson from Monopoly, wherein good things happen to you during other player’s turns. This helps keep everyone engaged and invested throughout the game.

2/23/2016 Initially, Settling Victor was part of a series of insta-win cards, which offered alternate victory conditions. Think about the 5 special cards from Innovation that end the game suddenly in a dramatic turn of events.

Emerson managed to get 6 planets in play to win, playing Settling Victor and declaring “I win!”. Not the best ending for the other players, as they were blindsided by the card.

One solution is to make 6 or more planets a victory condition for all players in every game, rather than if this card is in play. That number would have to be scaled down at higher player counts, obviously. Another solution (which I’m using for now) is to mark Settling Victor as “can’t be colonized” (meaning, it must be upgraded) to give players some warning. But, usually opponents just ignore the other half of the card. Hmm…

Another option is to change the card to “if you colonize two more planets after this one, you win.” I’m going to try that.  

Eventually, of course, I replaced “you win the game” with “you get some number of victory points.”

7/11/2016 Settling Victor is too hard to pull off. You need to already have 3 planets in play before you can play/upgrade it, and then to have to play two more before the game ends? Make it cheaper, and possibly change its victory condition. We could use a “if there are no cards left in the deck, you win” card.


Insta-win Replacements

Settling Victor: Each other planet is worth +1 VP