Roza System is one of the planets found in Universal Rule expansion Edge of War. Not much is known about Roza System at the moment, though Stag Solar is from the planet.


 Universal Rule Planet Abilities Edit

Basic (Pacifist)

Cost 1
Military 2
Income 3
Text You cannot attack.
Notes You can still participate in attacks, supporting either the defender or the attacker.

You can still be attacked.

Upgraded (Flagbearer)
VP 3
Cost 9
Military 7
Income 4
Text None of your other planets can be attacked.
Notes This planet can be attacked.

Development Notes

Inspired by a Magic keyword. (e.g. Coalition Flag

1/8/2016 Pacifist - reduced cost to 1, increased income to 3

10/11/2016 It turned out the combination of Eater of Worlds (that everyone wants to destroy) and Flagbearer (preventing players from attacking the EoW) is a strong combination.