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Escape the Brig featuring Strezelsior and Inzill Mey

Scenario #1 in the Twin Stars solo series. Twin Stars: Escape the Brig was originally offered as a stretch goal to backers of the Pod-X Kickstarter.

Story Edit

The guard tosses you into the dark cell and you hear the bolt clank into place. Your cries of "Come back!" are answered only with laughter, and heavy footfalls receding down the long corridor.

As your eyes slowly adjust to the darkness, you realize you are not alone. "We have to escape," the prisoner says, "Now."

Gameplay Edit

In Twin Stars: Escape the Brig, two of you are locked up together and need to break free. You can dig a tunnel, but you need to watch out for the guard. There's also a pick that you can use to assist in your escape, but you need to be careful! You must escape to win. If the guard reaches the tunnel you lose.

Characters Edit

Escape the Brig comes with Strezelsior and Inzill Mey.

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