Quark Star

Twin Stars: The Quark Star featuring Stag Solar and Bood

Scenario #2 in the Twin Stars solo series. Twin Stars: The Quark Star was originally offered as a stretch goal to backers of the Pentaquark Kickstarter.

Story Edit

You look at each other skeptically before powering up the massive collider.

"Why are we doing this again?" you ask, hesitantly.

Your partner shrugs, but you know the answer. It's always the same with you two. Succeed and get paid, or fail and get vaporized.

Gameplay Edit

The discovery of the pentaquark in the early 21st century shed some light on the conditions inside neutron stars. Now, in Twin Stars: The Quark Star you are trying to create the hypothetical Quark Star, an even more dense state of matter. Calibrate, Test, and Experiment with your particle collider, and Capture 5 Quarks to win. Lose if funding reaches $0.

Characters Edit

Twin Stars: The Quark Star features the Pocket Universe characters Stag Solar and Bood.

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