Uagan Mezzo

One of the triplet (or clone) planets - Uagan Mezzo is found in Universal Rule (as Uagan-2). Not much is known about Uagan Mezzo.

 Universal Rule Planet Abilities Edit

Basic (Jealous Triplet)

Cost 3
Military 3
Income 3
Text No one else can colonize a basic planet named Uagan.
Notes Opponents can colonize upgraded versions of Uagan.
Upgraded (Frugal)
VP 2
Cost 9
Military 5
Income 2
Text Colonizing or upgrading other planets costs 3 less.

(Minimum cost = 0.)

Notes This does not apply to itself.
Development Notes

2/9/2016 Discount - I ended up with this card and wanted to see how it works. So, I decided to forgo Colonizing for another turn to save up the 7 credits needed to upgrade to the Discount planet. Then, playing only two more planets over the course of the game, I saved a total of 2 credits. Absolutely not worth it. Also, it doesn’t affect upgrade costs.

Make Discount planet affect both colonize and upgrade costs, and reduce the cost by 3 credits instead of 1. Cost cannot be reduced below 0.

11/14/2016 Rename to Frugal to match Jealous Triplet cycle.

See additional Development Notes under Uagan_Terminal