Uagan Terminal

One of the triplet (or clone) planets - Uagan Terminal is found in Universal Rule (as Uagan-1). Not much is known about Uagan Terminal at the moment, though it is Yanfred Jima's home planet.

 Universal Rule Planet Abilities Edit

Basic (Jealous Triplet)

Cost 3
Military 3
Income 3
Text No one else can colonize a basic planet named Uagan.
Notes You can colonize additional basic planets named Uagan.

Opponents can colonize upgraded versions of Uagan (Bank, Discount, Charismatic)

Upgraded (Affluent (nee Bank))

VP 2
Cost 7
Military 5
Income 4
Text Your credit limit is 25.
Notes No effects can increase your credit limit beyond 25.

Development Notes

1/15/2016 - The Bank is really powerful (doubling the credit cap to 10x the number of planets). I’ve knocked it down to 7 credits per planet instead.

?/??/2016 - Changed Bank to set the credit limit to 25. This number was selected to create a cap on the number of components players needed.

2/25/2016 Initially, Jealous Triplet destroyed all previously colonized Jealous Triplets (unless they were upgraded, of course).

Jealous Triplet should be reversed. I like the idea of players taking a risk of losing their planet when they colonize a Jealous Triplet. But experienced players realize the risk isn’t worth it, so it just becomes a dead card. “No one else can colonize a planet named Jealous Triplet.” Alternatively, rather than punishing the first player to play a Jealous Triplet, why not reward that player instead? If you play a Jealous Triplet, no one else can play one (until you upgrade it). Note: the player with a Jealous Triplet can play a second one.

The stats of a Jealous triplet, of course, are all 3s. At one point, during development, we doubled the military strength of every planet. But we left Jealous Triplet alone.

7/9/2016 Along those lines, Jealous Triplets need to have cheapish upgrade versions. If someone else plays a Jealous Triplet, you’re left with half a card (unless you destroy it). So, the other half of the card shouldn’t cost 10 or more, otherwise you could be holding it for a long long time.

7/11/2016 As currently written, one player may play multiple jealous triplets. It only prevents other players from playing them. Not sure if that’s what I want or not.

8/3/2016 Jealous Triplets need more interesting “upgraded” versions. I’d like them to be in a cycle. If we exclude the victory cards (there are more than 3 of them), and cards which clearly pair with their basic version,  we’re left with Bank





Geth's Tome

Attack Taxer

Of these, the top three are my favorite, and the ones that I think are the most splashy/powerful. So they will be the new JT pairs. Not really a thematic cycle, but I want the JT to be as tempting as they are risky.

9/30/2016 As written, Jealous Triplet blocks upgraded versions of the card. This is different from before, but I’m not sure it’s bad.

10/3/2016 Ruling: Jealous Triplets block other JTs, but not the upgraded versions.

10/17/2016 If a player has a Jealous Triplet in play, that doesn’t prevent another player from colonizing an upgraded JT (e.g. the Bank). If the Bank is later attacked successfully, it’s downgraded to a JT. In this way, multiple people can have a JT in play at the same time. In this situation, no player (even those with JTs) would be able to colonize a (basic) JT.

11/14/2016 - Recommend renaming from "Bank" to "Affluent" to match the other Jealous Triplet cards.

11/15/2016 - Replace the term "credit max" with "credit limit". We also used the term "credit cap".

Artist Notes

This planet is covered by greenish-blue ice which has been pockmarked by asteroid craters!

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