Vianov is one of the planets found in Universal Rule expansion Edge of War. Not much is known about Vianov at the moment.

 Universal Rule Planet Abilities Edit

Basic (Eater of Worlds)

Cost 4
Military 2
Income 4
Text When upgraded, each opponent must destroy a planet in their galaxy.
Notes Each opponent (not the owner of Eater of Worlds) selects a planet from their galaxy to be destroyed.

If you colonize the upgraded version of this planet (Remorseful), opponent do not this ability does not trigger.

If an opponent does not have any planets, they do nothing (other opponents still lose a planet).

If an opponent is over their credit limit after destroying one of their planets, they immediately lose any excess credits.

Upgraded (Remorseful)
VP 2
Cost 16
Military 1
Income 4
Text You cannot attack. If this would be downgraded, it is destroyed instead.

Development Notes

1/26/2016 I’ve created the Eater Of Worlds/Remorseful card. I may just need to hand-write one out if we end up playing today.

I figured it out!

I want a planet that blows up all other planets, but gives players a chance to react (without having to keep track of what happened multiple rounds ago). “On your turn, destroy all other planets” makes sense, but there’s a potential problem:

Suppose you play this planet by following the previous player’s Colonize action. Then you have the next turn, and no one else has an opportunity to respond before you blow up the rest of the world.

New planet:

“Eater of Worlds” Cost 5: Military 1; Income 4; When you upgrade this planet, destroy all other planets.

“Sated & Remorseful”: Cost 16: Military 1; Income 4; You cannot attack.

The upgraded version will replace the “Pacifist” planet.

So, while it’s still possible to Colonize this planet on the previous player’s turn and then set it off on your turn, you’d have to have 16 credits, which means (unless you have the Bank) you’ve got at least 4 planets already in play. If you can pull that off, you deserve to be able to destroy everyone else’s day with a surprise.

More likely, you’ll have to colonize the planet, produce, and then upgrade it while fending off any opponents who want to save their planets. Heck, if someone has the Golden planet in play, they might *help* you blast everyone else back to the stone age.

1/25/2016 Eater of Worlds needs to be fixed. It’s currently “4 rounds after you play this, destroy all planets”, but no one keeps track for that long. A better version would be “At the start of the next round, destroy all planets. (You cannot play this when following.)”.

7/31 One of these (Eater of Worlds), we’ve already decided we don’t want in the base game (although it may show up as a bonus card somewhere or in an expansion).

7/15 - Eater of Worlds should be moved to a promo card, and not in the basic deck. Maybe I’ll send out some possible replacement cards to my playtesters and let them pick the one they want. It went off in the first game, which destroyed a bunch of planets, established a clear leader, and replenished the explore deck. Ultimately, its effect on the game was what I wanted it to be.

10/11 It turned out the combination of Eater of Worlds (that everyone wants to destroy) and Flagbearer (preventing players from attacking the EoW) is a strong combination.

10/17 If a player successfully attacks a Remorseful planet, that planet is destroyed (it cannot be downgraded).