Wim Star

Wim Star

Wim Star is the planet where high society from all over the galaxy goes to live in extravagance. However, don’t fall out of favor or popularity or you will find yourself forcibly ejected from the planet.

Wim Star is a planet found in Universal Rule.

Known inhabitants of Wim Star include: Strezelsior

Evervoyage Edit

Wim Star has a season known as Darkness, when light doesn’t shine on the planet. It is customary during this time, to leave the Wim Star and not to return until the light does as well.

 Universal Rule Planet Abilities Edit

Basic (Pessimistic)

Cost 1
Military 6
Income 2
Text You cannot win.
Notes If you would win on your turn, instead the game continues.
Upgraded (Aggressive Victor)
VP 4
Cost 12
Military 8
Income 2
Text When you attack, add a counter worth 2 VP.
Notes Even if the attack isn’t successful, you still get the counter.

If this planet is downgraded, the counters remain on it, and are still worth 2 VP each. You won't gain any more counters until it is upgraded.

If this planet is destroyed, discard the counters.

Development Notes

2/25/2016 At one point, Pessimistic cost 0 credits. On February 25th, I decided Pessimistic should cost 1. At the time, the outcome of an attack was tied to the cost of a planet, and a planet that cost 0 was problematic. Attacking is no longer related to planet costs, so we could introduce a future planet with cost zero. However, I think the design space that’s available when all planets cost at least one credit is more valuable than the novelty of a “free” planet. (editor’s note: Starting Planet currently costs 0).

1/8/2016  Added Pessimistic - you cannot win while this is in play. It upgrade version is very expensive, but can win you the game.

7/22 Two playtests with 5 players each. Both were won via “insta-win” cards (Lonely Victor, Aggressive Victor), which I think merit some changes.

7/25 Insta-win Replacements. Aggressive Victor: When you attack, add a counter. +2 VP per counter.

7/26/2016 Pessimistic should be “you can’t win.”

7/27 Attacking Victor: 2VP per counter is probably too much, especially as the attack doesn’t even have to be successful. 1VP should be enough.

Playtesting quotes

“What’s the use of having a strong military planet if you don’t attack with it?” -Manny